Special Events
Weddings are our specialty.

Universally considered the symbol of love, fidelity and peace, the white dove is a perfect and unique way to celebrate your unity and the beginning of your life's journey together.

It lends an exciting climax to this very special moment, intensifying the emotion as your guests applaud your union.
....let a pair of white doves flying off together symbolize the love and unity that has brought you to this day
Your Wedding Day

White doves have long been a symbol of love, fidelity and peace. A White Dove Release is the perfect and unique way to incorporate this symbolism into your wedding ceremony.

Whether you choose the simplicity of two doves, representing the unity of life's journey together, or the grandeur of a white flock release, it is sure to be a spectacular and unforgettable addition to your special day!
Our White Doves
are specially bred for their pure white color, beauty and natural homing instinct. They are lovingly cared for and carefully conditioned for your special day to return home safely.